AIMTH provides good quality accommodation for its students. Separate hostel accommodation is within the campus, with round-the-clock armed security. Rooms are offered on a twin-sharing basis. They are big and airy with writing tables and comfortable beds. Each hostel has a dining hall and common room with TV, music system and other indoor facilities. Indoor games like carom, chess and table tennis are also available. The food available at the hostel mess is primarily Indian. The administrative staff of the college eats the same food to ensure that quality and hygiene are maintained.


Only a healthy body houses a healthy mind. The management considers all students as our children and aim at providing them with the best possible. Artificial colours & preservatives are not used in cooking. All meals are cooked in best available refined oil, once a week food is cooked in olive oil, mustard oil, and pure ghee each. Studies have shown that Olive oil offers protection against heart diseases. It is well tolerated by the stomach, has a beneficial effect on ulcer and gastritis. A diet rich in olive oil has been shown to reduce the incidence of colon, breast & skin cancers.

Mustard seeds are a very good source of Omega-3 fatty acids as well as dietary fiber, protein, niacin calcium manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium and zinc. All of these are required by our body and help in reducing asthma, arthritis and blood pressure.