Bachelor Of Pharmacy (B.Pharma)

Pharmacy is the health science that links medical science with chemistry and it is charged with the discovery, production, control, disposal, safe and effective use of drugs. The practice of pharmacy requires excellent knowledge of drugs, their mechanism of action, side effects, interactions, mobility and toxicity. Pharmacy council of India recognized that pharmacy education is a formally recognized programme of students, providing a broad and sound foundation in the behavioural, life and pharmacy sciences for the practice of pharmacy.

Pharmacy is a profession within the Health Care Sector focused on the care of individuals, families and communities so they may attain maintain or recover optimal health and quality of life. Pharmacy care for individuals of all ages and all cultural backgrounds who are healthy and ill in a holistic manner based on the individuals physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual, social and spiritual needs. The profession combines physical sciences, social science and technology in caring for those individuals. In order to provide qualitative pharmacy care there is a need to train pharmacist effectively to work as a team member of health care delivery system. It is therefore their training should involve positive attitudes, knowledge, skills, professional expertise, latest trends in health care and health care needs of the community and the country as a whole for a leadership role and for the basic education in specialties for advanced pharmacy practice.

The Country believes that this basic course in pharmacy should prepare pharmacist for occupying first level positions in pharmacy in all kinds of health care settings. The Council recognizes that pharmacy is a profession which is influenced by advances in science and technology, it believes that skills in all aspects of communication are also essential learning and for the practice of pharmacy. There is the recognization of pharmacy is such that a substantial portion of learning of the study is acquired in clinical fields of practice. It further recognized the interdependence of pharmacy to allied professions and occupations in prevention of diseases, promotion, maintenance and restoration of health. The Council believes that it has a responsibility in helping the students to develop pride in their profession besides keeping them abreast with current knowledge and professional trends for a successful career ahead.


The aim of the B. Pharma program is to:

  • Prepare students to provide care directly to Patients, including diagnosis,prescriptions, advice,and all-round communication and support.


On completion of the four year B.Pharma program the graduates will be able to:

  • To produce pharmacy graduates with strong fundamental concepts and high technical competence in pharmaceutical sciences and technology.
  • To provide students with a strong and well defined concepts in the various fields of pharmaceutical sciences.
  • To develop a sense of teamwork and awareness amongst students towards the importance of interdisciplinary approach for developing competence in solving complex problems in the area of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • To promote the development of trained human resource in Pharmaceutical Sciences for dissemination of quality education with highly professional and ethical attitude, strong communication skills, effective skills to work in a team with a multidisciplinary approach.
  • To generate potential knowledge pools with interpersonal and collaborative skills.
  • To identify, assess and formulate problems and execute the solution in closely related pharmaceutical industries.
  • To train the students to contribute towards health care system and counseling for prophylaxis and prevention of diseases.
  • To encourage the students to participate in life-long learning process for a highly productive career.

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All admission for this session can be done with in 1st July to 31st August of the academic year. there shall not any admission after 31st August even seats are vacant


The candidate should have completed  the age of 17 years


Abdul Kalam Technical University


The candidate should have completed 12th  with Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB) or Physics, Chemistry, Maths (PCM) and the minimum percentage should be 45%


The duration of certified study for the B.Pharma course in pharmacy (Basic) shall extend over a period of four years including integrated practice


2020 Admissions Open for Pharmacy, Paramedical & Nursing Courses